New York Fellowship New York Fellowship Dinner for United Nations Ambassadors B.J. and Sheila Weber host the U.N. dinner prior to the National Prayer Breakfast in Wash. D.C. each year 201172841 West Point Cadets B.J. Weber meets regularly with cadets from the West Point Military Academy, one hour north of NYC. 152445885 Young Women's Bible Study: Founders The founding members--Young Women's Bible Study. 201172842 Sports Outreach B.J. Weber with Columbia University Rugby players 144876684 Best-selling author Eric Metaxas At a NY Fellowship outreach dinner, Eric Metaxas shared his own story of faith, and talked about William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, to Columbia University students, who are poised to be leaders of the next generation. 144876683 B.J. leading an outreach dinner 35 Columbia students were matched with 35 businessmen for mentoring and dialogue about faith. 144876682 Marriage Outreach A gathering of couples which attended a Love & Respect seminar, now a best selling book and sell out seminar, incubated in its start-up phase for two years through the covering of the NY Fellowship. 144876679 NY Fellowship dinners Small group dinners provide intimate opportunities for sharing the teachings of Jesus and guided discussions about the meaning and purpose of life. 144876681 2011 Rugby World Cup The USA team held a ceremony on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 at the opening of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. As World Cup chaplain, B.J. Weber participated at a large church service that same day and spoke throughout the country during the entire World Cup events in Sept-October 2011. 144876678 Overseas Mission Sheila visited her daughter Rachel's work with orphans in Rwanda. A clinic, school and orphanage in Bolivia was founded through the NY Fellowship and now continues as The Amistad Mission, with many NYF friends serving as its ongoing leaders. 144876680 Christmas Carol Singing Nearly 150 people gather for the Webers' Christmas Carol & Chili party each December 201172843 Young Women's Bible Study Updated! Newer members of the Young Women's Bible Study 201172844