New York Fellowship

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Board Of Directors

Robert A. Case, Chairman

Senior Managing Director/CEO, Ingalls & Snyder

Sam Moser

VP National Sales & Marketing, Fox News Channel

Daniel R. Reese, Treasurer

Retired, Executive Vice President, Unishippers Inc.

 Deenie Reese

Retired Partner, Ernst & Young

David Slade

Partner, Allen and Overy, LLP

William Snyder, Secretary

Vice President: Strategy & Relationships, Charley, Inc.

 William J. Weber,  President

Founder and Executive Director, New York Fellowship



The New York Fellowship began with a group of businessmen meeting together for mutual spiritual encouragement. It was incorporated in 1984, adding a fulltime Executive Director, B.J. Weber, in response to executives who wanted to create a more visible Biblical presence in the Wall Street area.

 A core group of friends and volunteers continue to meet regularly and share their expertise and time, which over the years has resulted in countless initiatives throughout the New York City area and beyond, including: spiritual support to professionals; small group studies; chaplaincy to the New York professional sports teams; outreach to foreign diplomats, government leaders and NYC firefighters; grief counseling in the wake of 9-11; speaker series/special events; and internship programs for young college age men and women who desire spiritual mentoring and service to the poor.

 Works of service have included outreach to at-risk inner city youth, a Kids to Camp scholarship program, feeding and housing services for the homeless, a marriage seminar series, a crisis pregnancy service, and the founding of a clinic and orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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