New York Fellowship

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From Robert A. Case, Chairman of New York Fellowship Board of Directors

November 2011

  • Dear friends,                                                                                                             
     Allow me to share with you a few written comments that our friend B.J. Weber received on the occasion of his recent birthday:
    • “I’d be dead, in jail, or divorced 5 times without B.J.”
    • “You helped me build a strong marriage…you helped to put me on the right path…”
    • “I have to thank you for saving me… thank you for the peace and harmony you have brought to my household.”
    • “There would be no new Christian School in urban Chicago…no college for its countless graduates who have no fathers at home….no Chicago Little League, no East Harlem Little League.”
    • “The orphans, the widows, the voiceless and the unseen, you gave them all a platform.”
    • “You sat by my dying wife’s bedside and helped lead her to faith.”
    • “From B.J., my wife received three sacraments in one day—baptism, her first-ever communion and marriage—after months and hours of counseling us toward Christ.”

  • These are typical of the many attestations we hear regularly about the powerful impact B.J. Weber has on people’s lives.  B.J. has a unique ministry to reach those in crisis, estranged from God, or challenged in their personal faith.  B.J. engages these problems head-on, with a joy and discernment that is powerfully effective in reaching people with the healing power of faith in Christ. 

    For those of you who may not regularly read B.J.’s monthly newsletters, or have not known the inspiring stories over the last 33 years, we can cite just a few highlights:
    • B.J.’s 25 interns over the years have gone on to become ordained clergy, run NYC FOCUS, launch programs for homeless men, and create ministries similar to the New York Fellowship in other cities.
    • B.J. has helped countless unwed mothers choose life, then helped place more than 30 babies in adoptive homes.
    • B.J. has served not only as chaplain for the NY Yankees during their World Series winning years, but also as chaplain to NFL teams, the Mets, and most recently the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, the 3rd largest international sporting event. 
    • B.J.’s pastoral care has helped launch many start-up churches, and helped renew a dying church.
    • He and Sheila host the annual Ambassadors Dinner in conjunction with the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., and they continue to meet with ambassadors from the United Nations to help them see the transformative power Christianity can bring to their home countries.
    • A teenager who landed on B.J.’s doorstep from Nicaragua, with no money and no passport,  is now a physician’s assistant; a Russian orphan now has a loving home with one of B.J.’s friends in the Midwest; and hundreds of Bolivian orphans have stable homes and futures through B.J.’s initiatives to launch the Amistad Mission
    • Recently a taxi driver picked up B.J. and said “I know you, you’re B.J. Weber!” The driver was one of 27 Cambodian boat people B.J. personally helped to find jobs, education and housing 25 years ago.  He now has a family, a B.A. and is working on a Masters degree, and he thanked B.J. profusely for “saving my family’s life and giving us a future.”

  • Nevertheless, B.J.’s ability to continue this powerful work is in jeopardy.  B.J.’s work, through the New York Fellowship, depends entirely on the voluntary generosity of people like you.  The Fellowship has been operating at a deficit in the recent past, in spite of aggressively restricting costs.  Its ability to continue to maintain a hospitality location, lead outreach functions and engage in many ministry activities will depend on your financial support decisions in the near term.

    We are deeply thankful for your thoughtful and generous support throughout the years. Would you please consider a meaningful yearend gift at this time, and monthly commitments toward our annual budget going forward for 2012? We deeply appreciate your support of B.J. Weber’s ministry at this time.

    Yours in Christ’s Service,
    Robert A. Case
    Chairman, New York Fellowship