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FELLOWSHIP: Stories of Transformation

2019 marked B.J. Weber's 40th year of ministry in New York City!  To recount some of the landmark events of this period, Sheila Weber has collected numerous stories, edited and compiled them into a book entitled FELLOWSHIP: Stories of Transformation through Grace and Spiritual Friendship.  B.J. Weber's 40 years in New York City.  Each chapter provides a firsthand account of a notable or striking event from B.J. Weber’s ministry, told by the participants themselves. The book is now available on Amazon.
To whet your appetite, here are a few of the book’s chapters:
In 1979 a 19-year old immigrant arrived in Times Square from Nicaragua, penniless and homeless. Seeing his genuine desire to study medicine, B.J. became his legal guardian and arranged for tuition and educational support.  Today William Gadea is Chief of Physician Assistants at the Heart, Lung & Vascular Center at Travis Air Force Base.  He travels abroad regularly to provide care in remote places where cardiac treatment is not available.

An actor who was at the edge of a nervous breakdown relates how B.J. just showed up in his life, changing his entire perception of the love and mercy offered by Christ’s message.  His friendship with B.J. helped him through a 12-step program and his recovery from addiction.
Anne Grizzle tells how B.J. teamed up with Father William Wilson to found the Amistad Mission school, clinic, and orphanage in Bolivia, which she ultimately helped transition into a self-sustaining institution, and which thrives to this day.

Bob Muzikowski writes how B.J. led him away from a life of recreational drugs and fistfights to one of faith and genuine purpose.  Bob and his wife Tina went on to found the largest inner city little league in America, as well as Chicago Hope Academy, which together have transformed thousands of young people’s lives.

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