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August 2022

Dearest friends,


My dear sweet husband, William John (B.J.) Weber, left this world and entered

into the loving arms of his savior, his friend, Jesus, on Tuesday, August 2nd,

at 10:48 p.m. Poignantly, this was our 42nd wedding anniversary. Our adult

children, Max and Rachel, and her husband John, and I were at B.J.’s bedside

on vacation in the Catskill Mountains. We had lots of prayers, whispers of love,

singing of hymns, and many tears. 


BJ's three siblings and 2 nieces joined us on August 6th for a private, family

graveside burial in the Catskill Mountains. B.J. wanted to be buried in a

wooden casket handcrafted by his beloved Trappist monks, where he was first

found by Christ. B.J. loved to tell that his casket could be made from the

40,000 trees he helped plant almost 50 years ago on those sacred grounds.


We will have a memorial service at 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 10 th ,

with reception following (3:30-5:30) at St. George's Church in NYC. It

helps us plan if you would RSVP if you will be attending. Kindly go to

hope to see you there.


I have prayed for 15 months "Lord, let B.J. enjoy all his earthly days and then

let heaven come quickly." My prayers were answered. He enjoyed Rachel's

family throughout their entire July visit and then on Thursday (7/28) his decline

was unexpected and very fast. It is amazing to us that on the Saturday prior

(7/23), he was able to go out to a beautiful restaurant dinner with our original

foursome, just Max, Rachel, B.J. and me.


The word that kept coming to my mind during his last week was valiant.  B.J.

was so valiant.  He kept pushing himself during times of exhaustion to saturate

himself with every last loving bit of life.  He loved life. He loved each of you.


While I had him with me, I did not realize how just his sheer presence was

everything I needed. I did not know how vastly empty it would feel to not have

him, which seems surreal to me at this time.  There was no one like him. His

grace, generosity, humor, wisdom, faith, and larger-than-life personality are

irreplaceable. He made me laugh all day long, even in his times of suffering.


Our family knows how deeply B.J. was loved by so many people and we know

that you share in our grief as well.  We take great comfort knowing that he is in

the arms of our heavenly Father and sharing the joy of his savior Jesus and

the choir of angels and those he loved who have gone before him. Where he

is, we will one day be.

While the New York Fellowship may take another form, it will continue. The

board of directors will keep me engaged, with a plan to serve in ways that will

honor BJ’s memory and the works of mercy he cared about most deeply.

With much love and gratitude,

Sheila Weber, and on behalf of our son Max, daughter Rachel Nehme, and their spouses

Lauren and John, and our 7 grandchildren (to be 8 in Feb.).


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