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December 2018


Merry Christmas dear friends!

Dear friends,

2018 has been a poignant year. We are taking great joy in the often hidden things. A couple called last week and said “BJ, today marks the 5th anniversary of when you saved our daughter’s life.” Recently, a man called and said “B.J. today is the 15th anniversary of when you led me to Christ.” We got a letter in the mail from a teenage runaway who B.J. rescued from the street in the early 80s, sending the kid back to his parents in Montana. The now-grown man sent a donation because he tracked B.J. down online to let us know that he is married with three children and an active Christian. He wanted to thank B.J. for rescuing him so many years ago.

Recent efforts: Together, we led a weekend marriage conference this fall, and continue to look for ways to pass along “wisdom from the elders” to a younger generation. Just two weeks ago a young father of three was counseled by B.J. to go away to 30-day rehab, and writes regularly with gratitude for his new chance to save his career, marriage, and family.

B.J. stays connected with countless people who seek his spiritual direction or counsel. It is a full time job and his “ministry of availability” leads him to unseen opportunities to offer the love of Christ in unusual places and ways—from prisoners, to rugby players, to neighbors on our street, to young men starting their professions, to seasoned leaders of NYC business and industry, and more. He gets called upon by men who need somewhere to go with their own confidential concerns, or when they want to refer their friends who need help.

Sheila runs the operational end of the New York Fellowship, and keeps the ministry house functional and flowing with hosting opportunities, overnight guests, dinners, Bible studies, and gatherings of all kinds--student groups on mission projects, even a small wedding dinner for a couple with limited means. Sheila also continues to run National Marriage Week USA (every Feb. 7 to 14) and is enjoying having two younger staff members join her in that effort. We encourage you to check out its updated look and messaging at She especially loves her new role of tending to our precious young grandchildren.

Family News: Our daughter Rachel and her husband John Nehme and their two children live in Austin, Texas, where John is the president of Allies Against Slavery, an award winning anti-human trafficking organization. Rachel works part-time in marketing for Fuller Seminary’s new Spiritual Formation program. Our son Max and his wife Lauren love being parents to their first child while enjoying their jobs—Max as a FDNY firefighter; Lauren as director of operations at the Geneva School (K-8th classical Christian school in Manhattan.)

This January marks B.J.’s 40th year in New York City. We are often filled with wonder at what the Lord has allowed us to witness, share, and testify. We so deeply cherish you, dear friends, and we could not have stayed the course without you. We still depend upon your support and friendship, possibly now more than ever, and count our blessings every time we think of you. God’s great gift to us is the friendship and love we have shared together.

With so much love and appreciation,

B.J. and Sheila Weber


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