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December 2019


Merry Christmas dear friends!

In addition to the birth of our 4th and 5th grandchildren, 2019 brought the birth of our new book to mark the 40th anniversary of B.J. coming to NYC for ministry in 1979. FELLOWSHIP: Stories of Transformation through Grace and Friendship. B.J. Weber’s 40 Years in New York City shares nearly 50 inspiring and engaging stories written by others about what the Lord has done. We believe you will be encouraged by the engaging and often humorous accounts by NYT best-selling authors, pro sports figures, cloistered nuns, clergy, leaders in business and the arts, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and judge, former interns, and our son Max, daughter Rachel, as well as sections by us, B.J. and Sheila. Available now on Amazon.

After 40 years, ministry opportunities still abound and our ministry house continues to buzz with activity. People call upon B.J. continually for counsel and support. The Lord has provided our position in midtown Manhattan as a means of continuing availability. All roads (and travelers) do still seem to pass through New York City, just like all roads once led to Rome.

FAMILY NEWS: Our daughter Rachel worked this year promoting a Spiritual Formation program for Fuller Seminary, and her husband John serves as president of the ever-expanding Allies Against Slavery in Austin, TX. Max’s wife Lauren left her long-loved job as director of operations at The Geneva School, and Max prepares for the FDNY lieutenant’s test. Sheila has birthed the new book, continues to run National Marriage Week USA (Feb. 7-14) and the NY Fellowship ministry house; and B.J. continues to be sought for spiritual counsel, crisis intervention, and abounding opportunities for ministry to men.

God has called us to stay where He has put us, so we continue to very much need financial support to keep the New York Fellowship going. We are so privileged and grateful when any of you become a part of our support team, however large or small. You literally become our teammates on this calling to spread the grace of Christ which transforms and bring hope to those in need. We hope you are encouraged by the inspiring accounts in our new book. The stories could not have happened, nor been told, without those of you who support us in our fulltime Christian service.

Merry Christmas with love to you and your family,

Sheila and B.J. Weber


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