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February, 2022

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. - Phil. 1:21

Dear friends,

There is so much going on in my personal life, but I must say that world events

have eclipsed how I am feeling. (Please Google Caring Bridge B.J. Weber for

my medical updates.)

The sorrow of Ukraine allows us an opportunity to understand how important it

is to stand for freedom. My first gut reaction was that I wished I could volunteer

and take some dangerous assignment in Ukraine, so you can see my

emotional life far superseded my reality! But this devastating circumstance has

allowed me to focus my heart and prayers on the sufferings of others.

Here are some other prayer requests that have recently come across my


1) A close friend’s grandson, a boy named Hawk, spent the last two weeks in

the hospital with some sort of odd and unidentifiable infection—thankfully, now


2) A young engaged couple, with whom Sheila and I have the privilege of

walking them through their preparation for marriage.

3) Sister Gail, retired abbess from our dearest community, Mississippi Abbey,

has a number of health issues--please remember her in prayer.

4) Two different guys, who happen to both be professional chefs, are part of

our lives and our men’s retreats, and are on spiritual journeys.

5) A bunch of young guys who come by our home on a regular basis to see

how the heck I am doing….and to talk about the Lord.

6) Of course, for our son Max, a NYC firefighter, who is in harm’s way a lot.

7) For our daughter, Rachel, who gave birth three weeks ago to her fourth

child (our 7 th grandchild), Philip Tabor Nehme.

I am thankful for Zoom and Facetime and relationships and counseling that

continues over the telephone. I am also thankful that “all roads lead to Rome,”

which translates into the modern-day equivalent--all roads lead to midtown

Manhattan! Consequently, because of the blessing of our ministry house, I

still see loads of people, some in need of my care, and some bringing the

blessing of care to me.

Hey, that is it for now in “Mr. B.J.’s neighborhood,” where I still sit on our front

stoop and greet my neighbors…. with gratitude for all of you and your support.

Walking in the love of Christ,

B.J. Weber


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